What people have been saying about Go Figure! Personal Training

I recommend Sarah’s Pregnancy Pilates classes to all my friends!  Having done the pregnancy class when expecting my first I signed up again as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my second. I have suffered with back pain all my life and these classes really got me through my pregnancy and I still do the exercises she taught today! Although you are in a class Sarah was always mindful of everyone’s conditions/limitations and able to adapt exercises to suit everyone. I liked how she took the time to see what each of us had been suffering with each week so she could tailor the class to focus on areas that would really benefit everyone. While the idea of exercising later in my pregnancy wasn’t always appealing, especially after dealing with a toddler tantrum, my husband would always remind me how great I felt afterwards, it’s amazing how in just an hour of Pilates you can feel like a new person and how it helps you have a great nights sleep! Pauline (2018)

Instructors Note – this lady suffers from scoliosis with an S-shaped curve of the spine, causing a misalignment. This misalignment reduces ribcage capacity and adds to the stress placed on the discs and muscles supporting the spine.  Add in a growing baby and abdominal contents means that staying comfortable in her pregnancy was always going to be a challenge. Providing Pauline with exercises and stretches she could complete at home to help to keep her spine mobile, allowed her to stay comfortable right up to the end of her pregnancy.

When I met Sarah and started with her post natal circuit classes I felt about as low as I thought it was possible to feel about my body and what state it was in after having my second baby. All the other Mums in the class had 8 week old babies and looked fabulous to me and my baby was 9 months old! Sarah gave me confidence straight away that I was in the right hands as she checked my separation in my abs and ensured that I only did exercises that were appropriate until they strengthened again. This in combination with the Pelvic Floor classes that she ran for us started to make me feel that I could get my body back again.

The pace of the class was just right for me and Sarah gives everyone personal attention during the circuits to make sure they are stretching themselves to a level that is right for their body – brilliant!

I really looked forward to the classes -” me time”, great people and Sarah is such fun as well as a true expert.

After 3 months of circuits I started personal training with Sarah and it is fantastic to have someone coming to my home which fits in with my busy life as a working Mum of 2 and means I do not have to travel anywhere. Sarah has made me see how exercise can be fun and varied – I am never bored and what is even better is that I can visibly see the difference in the shape of my body from her carefully planned routines. I wanted a waist and she has given me one!! Sarah’s dedication to her clients knows no bounds as she even started running with us on Sunday evenings to get our confidence back up and prove to us that we can still do it and that our pelvic floors can stand the pressure!!!

I could not recommend Sarah more highly – her attention to her clients needs and sensitivity to new Mum’s and what their bodies can handle as they get back to normal is an amazing talent. All I wish is that I had known about Sarah when I was pregnant so that I would have been in better shape after the birth of my Son.
Sarah Nutbrown

I attended the pregnancy pilates classes and found them incredibly useful. The classes taught me exercises that I could do at home right through my pregnancy to help keep me mobile as I got bigger. Sarah is very attentive to everyone’s needs and tailors the exercises for you. Her classes address all those aches and pains you get when pregnant and she gives you tips and confidence in your body in preparation for labour. I would highly recommend attending these classes if you’re pregnant.
Jenni  2018

Instructors Note –  Jenni had the added complication of severe PGP (pelvic girdle pain), and Kyphosis. Tailoring exercises for her within a class environment was possible due to the small class sizes. Again providing her with appropriate exercises and stretches she could complete at home allowed her to keep mobile throughout her pregnancy.

estherI honestly believe that the pilates exercise classes by Sarah/GoFigure made a big difference to my pregnancy. Since Sarah has children of her own, she knew which areas of a pregnant women’s body needed stretching, toning and strengthening. Every week after class I would sleep soundly and had minimal back ache. I am still benefitting from these exercise classes following a difficult delivery, by being able to do proper pelvic floor exercises to help my bladder recover after a forceps delivery and breastfeeding made easier because we strengthened arm and leg muscles. I would strongly recommend pilates exercise classes by Sarah to any pregnant woman, because the classes are also kept to a manageable size which allows Sarah to give individual attention to everyone in the class. Thanks Sarah!!
Ester Schoeman

Sarah has supported my exercise regime for over 4 years including two pregnancies. I find all the Go Figure classes are excellent for toning and strengthening my core which really helps to avoid back problems. Sarah’s approach ensures that all participants exercise safely while having fun and keeping fit. I made friends for life at the antenatal classes which was a great bonus as I was relatively new to the area at the time. I have encouraged friends to attend Sarah’s classes and have no hesitation in recommending Go Figure.
Cathy Northover

I attended Sarah’s Pregnancy Pilates course in the weeks leading up to the birth of my second baby, Keira. I’m a competitive cyclist and so was really keen to maintain good fitness and mobility throughout my pregnancy, and I found the classes to be extremely good at helping me to achieve this. Sarah offers clear, knowledgeable and friendly instruction and everyone seemed to be very relaxed and at ease. Sarah also offered plenty of individual feedback on form and technique, with alternatives provided for those who were battling particularly troublesome pregnancy ‘aches and pains’. It was also a great opportunity to meet other mum-to-be’s, especially with me being a second time mum without an antenatal class to go to!
Kate Allan (Competitive Cyclist)   (2018)

Instructors note – it was a pleasure to have Kate in my class. Despite having a very high level of fitness, I’m glad she found the class helpful.

The classes have been a great way to keep active – right up to 36 weeks! I’m not a regular exerciser so I’ve needed the direction and helpful advice.
Helen Mastrilli

As you get bigger it would be too easy to stop exercising, the classes have kept me motivated and active right up to 35 weeks! Also very good introduction to like minded mums to be! Loved it, looking forward to the post natal classes now!
Mel Tudor

The class has helped me shift the last few kgs of baby weight and given me back my flat stomach – perfect! Can’t wait for next term.

Getting back into shape after having a baby was a real priority for me, so finding Sarah’s mother and baby class has enabled this in a positive, fun and friendly way. It’s also great that my daughter enjoys the class – meeting new babies, stimulating music and lots of movement!
Meinir Hughes

Sarah runs an extremely professional class, identifying individual needs and working with each person at their own level. She makes it an enjoyable experience with your baby whilst giving you a good workout, easing each mum back into exercise.
Heather Barkes

The individual attention I got from Sarah was superb. She is extremely knowledgeable and I felt she was watching me carefully. Best of all my son loves her classes and after 30 minutes of mother and baby exercise he sleeps for the rest of the morning.
Georgina Farrah

I put on a lot of weight in the last few months of pregnancy and after having my little boy without realising it was happening and by the time he was 3 months old was far bigger than I had ever been. With a wedding planned for 9 months after he was born I had a real target to lose weight and feel great on my wedding day. I was worried about this as I have always struggled with weight loss and with all the best will in the world have never been good at maintaining a healthy regime long enough to see prolonged positive results.
Thanks to working with Sarah on a combination of personal training and healthy eating I went down 4 dress sizes & now feel healthier and happier and most importantly felt fantastic on my wedding day! Although it was an ambitious target Sarah made me believe I could do it every step of the way & encouraged me to work hard whilst always being positive & cheerful – I am so pleased with the results!
Hannah Tucker 9mths Post Baby

I had been around 18 stone for years and had got to the point where I didn’t begin to know how to shed some pounds and accepted this was the way it was going to be. When my partner started working out with Sarah to lose weight for our wedding I decided to take action myself. Sarah gave me a trial personal training session which was really motivating and I decided to go for it. Over 4 months I went from nothing to running a 5km, feel much fitter and lost serious inches and 2 and a half stone. I certainly did modify my eating but still got a few beers in along the way so didn’t feel deprived at all. Sarah’s work hard and have fun attitude has been the key to reaching my personal goal and I’m looking forward to keeping going for more in 2010.
Richard Tucker

To whom it may Concern,
Sarah has been an inspiration to my post natal body! My daughter is now 6 months old and as most mothers find, I have been struggling to get back to my normal weight. With Sarah’s experience and knowledge in exercise and toning, she has worked out an exercise programme which is allowing my body to resume its old shape. It is a steady process which involves Sarah being my personal trainer and exercising with me each week giving me the much needed encouragement that I need. As a result I feel much stronger and more fit with my body returning to how it used to be. I would recommend Sarah to any future client. 

Deborah Dainty

‘lets get one thing straight – I’m no gym bunny – I was the girl trailing behind in cross country at school, all the gear and no idea -I’d join a gym get the new bag, gym clothes and go once or twice. However, after baby number 3 I felt the time had come to get fit –

I came across Sarah during pregnancy circuit classes – I decided to embark on some pt sessions as I thought I might get pushed more – I was wasn’t wrong!!

After the first session I could hardly walk!! However as the weeks have passed I have managed to run nearly 3 miles, managed the plank and finally mastered reverse curls – something I never achieved before pregnancy!!

All this has been made possible because of SARAH – a woman who understands what you are going through, who listens and pushes you with her own unique style of humour. I don’t feel intimated, stupid or humiliated – things I often felt at the gym – she has increased my confidence and my body shape is changing – yes I still have a way to go but through Sarah’s positive attitude I have the enthusiasm to crack on!
Deborah: Mum of 3, six months postnatal