• aboutMy love for exercise began at a very young age. I have competed in junior regional basketball competitions. I was on the college basketball and fencing team.

Despite having three small boys I competed in the 2007 Dublin marathon. I take part in regular mini-triathlons and short races. I trained as an adult nurse. During my career in nursing I have worked  as a cardiothoracic nurse, a  neonatal intensive care nurse and more recently as a Practice Nurse. Throughout this time I have used exercise to help reduce stress levels and keep in-shape.

This became of more importance to me once I had my first and subsequent children. During this period of my life, I took time out to pursue my love of exercise and trained to be a Personal trainer, specialising in pre and postnatal exercise. During my time as a trainer, I have competed in many events from 5K charity runs to a full marathon and more recently triathlons and a Half Ironman. I love encouraging my clients to believe they too can accomplish their goals, which they never would have dreamt possible.

While training for my events I found Pilates to be a key contributor to my training and in 2011 I competed my Level 3 in Mat based Pilates. My love of Pilates has grown and the benefits to my clients has been such a huge reward. In 2014, I introduced Myofascial Release to complement Pilates. This helps us release tight myofascia, allowing muscles to move better and joints to realign, increasing the benefits of Pilates.

I have continued to support my clients though various courses, and recent life events have turned my focus towards working with people during and after their cancer treatments. The exercise has been shown to help improve treatment outcomes and help management of the short and longterm side-effects of treatment.



Personal Trainer Diploma L3 – Future Fit Training, London.
Nutrition and Weight Management Award L3– Future Fit Training, London.
Applied Nutrition L3– Future Fit Training, London.
Ante and Post Natal Exercise Certificate L3– Life Time, London.

Emergency Life Support (all ages) – St Johns Ambulance, Reading.
Diploma in Adult Nursing – Thames Valley University, London.
Certificate in Special and Intensive Care of the New Born – Thames Valley University, London.

CYQ Mat Based Pilates L3- Drumond Education, Maidenhead.

Speedo Shallow and Deepwater Exercise – Hydro – Actiff

Gp ExerciseReferral L3 – Drummond Education

Myofascial Release Techniques for Fitness Professionals – The Center for Women’s Fitness
Pre/Postnatal Pilates Specialist Program – Mat – The Center for Women’s Fitness
Pilates Application for Pelvic Floor Health and Dysfunction – The Center for Women’s Fitness
Healing Exercises for Diastasis Recti and C section – The Center for Women’s Fitness
Pilates for Menopause Program – Mat – The Center for Women’s Fitness

Understanding Osteoporosis and Bone-safe Programming
The 6 courses above were taken with Caroline Anthony the Head of the the Center for Women’s Fitness and  Mbodies Training and together combine to produce a specialists qualification In Women’s Wellness. 

Indoor Cycling Certificate – Fit4Life

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Rehab Level 3- APPI / Mbodies, London

Pilates for Kids and Teens Level 3– APPI, London

Pilates for Scolosis Level 3– APPI, London

Degree course in Asthma management – Bucks New Uni

CanRehab Level 4 Cancer and Exercise Rehabilitation – CanRehab London