Exercise Feature


For this you want to think that you are sliding rib cage down towards hips.

Ab prepBegin by lying down on floor. Bend knees and place feet hip with apart on the floor. We need to bring the body back into neutral – correct alignment of spine and pelvis.

Pelvis: Start by tilting pelvis towards the ceiling and then back into the floor. Try and imagine if you had a marble sitting below your belly button it would move forward and back with the pelvis. Now bring this marble to stop in the middle.

Rib cage and shoulders: Shuffle shoulders slightly back and sink ribcage into the floor. Take some nice deep breaths and get use to this positioning. Gently draw on Pelvic Floor AND TVA – draw belly button to spine about 30% to activate.

Exercise: Place hands down by you side reaching towards your ankles. Exhale to side shoulders, ribcage towards hips and hands towards feet. Head should raise only slightly. There should be NO doming of abdominals. This is only a small lift!


Works: Shoulders, core, gluten and hamstrings.

Method: Kneeling on all fours, place hands on the floor under shoulders. Exhale and set core muscles, inhale, exhale and slide opposite arm to leg into raised position. Making sure as you raise arms and leg you maintain good alignment. Engaging shoulder girdle, core muscles set, and pelvis remaining in neutral position. Inhale and return to starting position. Exhale and alternate to the opposite side. Repeat set x 4

Progression: Once raised, hold arm and leg in the air for 4 breath cycles, repeat on opposite side. Lifting into shoulders, maintaining spinal alignment.


Works: Quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves.

lungeMethod: Begin by standing with feet at hip width apart. Take a large step forward with right leg. Lower body straight down to the ground, avoiding traveling forward over knee. Right leg will be at a 90’ degree angle, and back leg (left) will be close to the ground. Push back into starting position. Repeat with alternate leg.

Progression: walking lunge, lunging with extra weight.