Food Glorious Food!

eatwellplatesmallWith so many delicious varieties of food available to us it is difficult to ignore the pull. You may have tried a diet in the past that has worked for you, but these are short term fixes. These diet plans are usually difficult to maintain for any length of time. Not to mention once you stop most people tend to gain back the weight.

Analysing your food diaries will enable us to identify areas in your diet where small but maintainable changes can be made. We will look at your energy levels and see how these relate to your food intake. Very often by identifying these issues it can provide us with the knowledge that enables us make those changes that allow you to reach your goals.

3 Simple Tips to Start your Healthy Eating

  • Eat something within an hour of waking up. Did you know that your metabolism runs at a much slower rate in the morning until you feed your body. Your metabolism is your energy burning machine, the faster it runs the more calories you burn.
  • Finish eating by 8pm. Make the most of your Fat burning time while you sleep. Your body will burn body fat for energy while you sleep, but only if there is no food left in your stomach to digest.
  • Eating little and often will teach your body that it is ok to burn body fat. Very often we attempt to lose weight by reducing our food intake. Droping this food intake can result in meals being missed leading to the bodys age old response of holding onto bodyfat.

Click here to download the NHS Choices 12 week weight loss guide which combines advice on healthier eating and physical activity.

You get a really useful information pack for each week of the plan, which is full of advice and tips, plus a really helpful stick-it-on-the-fridge planner to help you track your weekly progress and keep on track. Before you know, you will be seeing brilent results!

Developed in association with The British Dietetic Association.