Personal Training


first-stepThis is where you get to tell me all about you. The more information you give me the better! I will need to know about your previous exercise history, any injuries new or old. Any medical issues, including medication. I will look at your daily and weekly routine.

I will take your weight, body measurements and blood pressure. I will do some assessments to look at your posture, gait, fitness, strength and flexibility.

Consultation fee £60 for 1 hr – 1.5  hour consultation. Contact me now.

There is no obligation to continue sessions after consultation, however, session costs are below should you wish to train with me.



Typically weekly sessions will be 1 hour long; however these can be shortened or lengthened, depending on your availability.  Sessions are tailor made and a variety of equipment is used to keep sessions fun. Sessions can take place indoors or outdoors, in your home or place of work.

I believe that variety is the key to keeping clients motivated to reach their goals!


Single 1 hour session – £50

8 x 1 hour (or more) sessions booked £360 (£45 per session)

Please note – there is a minimum of 24hrs required for cancellation or rescheduling of personal training sessions. Although every effort will be taken to reschedule session for that week. There are no guarantees.

Please check the map to make sure that I will travel to your area