Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release

Myofascia is the connective tissue that provides internal support and protection to structures in the body. If you can imagine a sinewy 3D spider web traveling through out the body, acting almost like a safety net, aiding muscles in their movement and cushioning organs.

Just like muscles, tendons and ligaments, fascia can get tight and restricted. When this happens the facia tightens in a wringing effect. It can reduce optimal movement within the body and lead to muscle tension increasing the risk of injury and inflammation.

Pilates focuses on taking the body through a series of flowing movements to strengthen, release and improve flexibility within the body. Combining Myofascial Release and Pilates allows the individual to adopt the principal of release, realign and strengthen the body, improving movement patterns, preventing injury and improving existing injuries.

What are your core muscles?

Your core is the inner band of muscles, which orginate at your spine and raps around your body to meet your mid line. It acts as a suppport structure, similar to a corsett. Exercising these muscles, will improve your posture, help prevent lower back pain, reduce your waist line, and help improve weakness through your pelvic floor, leading to other problems.

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Ball Technique

Myofascia can take up to 2 minutes to release at each position. With each step breathe and allow the weight of the body melt around the ball. At times particular areas of the body may be more painful or tighter than others, continue to breathe and where need be come off the ball. As you begin to practice this more regularly the body will have less to release.

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