Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Rehab


Breast cancer rehab

Photo credit: ANSES

Almost 2/3 of women diagnosed with Breast Cancer survive their disease beyond 20yrs. The Pink Ribbon Rehab Exercise Program is designed to support your health and wellbeing on your road to recovering from Breast Cancer.

This program begins to work on improving flexibility, range of movement and strength of a chest, back and shoulders. Targeting key areas affected by your surgery/treatment.

There are many benefits to exercising post treatment/surgery, not only to aid recovery of affected area, but to also provide support in regaining your confidence to return to your life pre Breast Cancer.

This 8 week program is based on Pilates type exercises which focus on improving

  • Function and range of movement of affected area
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Posture
  • Aches and pains associated with surgery or treatment

With the added benefits of reducing stress and improving mental health and wellbeing all while under the watchful eye of a Pink Ribbon Rehab exercise specialist.

The program will be offered free of charge with Special Thanks to Shannon and Tim from for providing their studio and to Leigh and Chris from who helped design and provide the advertising material.

Any monies donated towards the program will be used to cover any outstanding costs.


COMMENCING: Friday 24th of January
TIME: 13.45 – 14.45

All candidates will be medically screened prior to attending class