Pelvic Floor

Pelvic Floor Course

Pelvic-FloorAs a young woman we have often heard about issues related to our Pelvic Floor. Very often we have heard that if we stop our urine mid-flow, this is our Pelvic floor working. In essence this is correct, however your pelvic floor has much greater task. It works as part of a group of muscles ( The Core), that help provide stability and strength to the spine and pelvis. During pregnancy your body adapts to the change in load that pregnancy causes. This load, and the role gravity plays, places an ever increasing pressure on the Pelvic Floor. In Labour the trauma suffered by the soft tissues surrounding the pelvic floor and the pelvic floor its self can cause a reduction in sensation and control of pelvic floor muscles. As a woman we know we need to work our Pelvic Floor especially after childbirth, however not many of us know how to do this effectively.

The Mumilates and Lilltelates aims to teach mums how to correctly engage their pelvic floor, correct some of the adaptations the body has made during pregnancy if not already resolved, and improve pelvic floor awareness and strength.

There is increasing research to show that a weak Pelvic Floor also increases the chances of Rectus Diastasis, (Separation of Tummy Muscles). Pelvic Floor and Transverus Abdomonis (TVA) activation play an important role in correcting Rectus Diastasis.

This course may not suit all mums and where appropriate these mums will be referred back to their GP for appropriate follow up.